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This blog delves into the power you have to create the reality you want through positive thinking. By thinking thoughts that are in alignment with your dream, you can manifest all of your hopes, dreams, and wants into existence. The mind is a powerful tool. And when your mind, body and spirit are balanced and aligned, you thrive. When you thrive on a personal level, your outer reality matches your inner reality and your dream manifests before your eyes. Thoughts are energy. So, when your mind is working for you, not against you, then you become a powerful manifestor, capable of creating the life you dream of.

At this time on the planet, understandably, many are in a space of fear. There is a global pandemic that has changed life as we know it in a number of ways. These are unprecedented times.

In addition, we live in a society that thrives on fear. Bonding with others by sharing fear based thoughts and language, is part of the human experience. It is how society connects with their fellow brethren. This is seen throughout all media outlets. Social media, the newspapers, and televised news coverage very often paint a grim reality and point to an equally dim future when relaying the news to its viewers.

Remember, in each divine moment, you are creating your own dream. This is done through the power of intent. And is why a healthy mind is critical as thoughts do create your reality. When you choose thoughts that serve you, support you, and are positive in nature, this is the reality you are unthinkingly creating. The Universe wants to dutifully serve you and since the cosmos works energetically, it will give you exactly what you want, whether it is of a positive or negative nature. Your thoughts are sent out into the atmosphere and picked up by the Universe on an energetic level.

If you choose thoughts that are rooted in fear (ie. anger, resentment, jealousy, lack of forgiveness), this will become your lived reality. The Universe will send you all of the experiences that will support your interpretation of your reality. If you believe negatively about relationships (i.e.. lacking trust, insecurity, think love is elusive) then this too will continue to manifest for you. Such thinking is a lower energy frequency and this will energetically attract lower vibrational relationships (i.e.. emotionally unavailable or untrustworthy relationships, narcissists) into your life that will confirm your beliefs about partnerships.

Also, any co-dependent traits you may have (i.e..people pleasing, low self-esteem, poor boundaries) will draw to you, those relationships that are energetically aligned with this lower energetic vibration. So, you will attract narcissists who will confirm to you that you must please others to receive love. Although narcissists are quite charming in the early stages, these energy vampires are empty emotionally.

Their unhealthy relationship patterns stem from childhood wounding. Their love relationships are unbalanced and you are drained of your own energy. Healing any co-dependency traits you may have within you, will help you align with healthy, loving, and more passionate relationships. The Universe wants to give this to you but it is up to you to heal from within so that your inner reality will reflect the outer reality that you want to manifest. When you do, your thinking will shift and you will experience a raise in your vibration, inviting in all that you want and deserve.

I have been candid about my own personal challenges three years ago where I faced two major losses at once. My father was losing his battle with fourth stage laryngeal cancer and my marriage of seventeen years was coming to an end. I also witnessed a traumatic situation involving my father when he was hospitalized which brought on symptoms of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I was stuck in a space of fear for over three years.

It was at this time that I underwent a spiritual awakening. I learned the Universe was sending me messages, which often guided me to change my thinking. Throughout each day for this space in time, my guides suggested I think thoughts that would create a reality that I wanted. The moments my mind went in a direction that was working against me, I was guided (i.e. via angel numbes/repeating numbers, synchronicities) to think positive thoughts if I wanted to achieve my life goals. Energy goes where energy flows. This is a fundamental law of the Universe.

Thoughts do create your reality. Think positive thoughts and a positive reality will follow. Think negative thoughts and that too will become your lived experience. If you are experiencing a life challenge or are facing anxiety, depression or any other mental health issues, it is important to get the help you need to get balanced. Remember that your emotions are here for a reason. They show you what is going on inside you and what needs to be healed.

Your emotions are a product of your thoughts. When you are in a deep space of fear, the emotions arise, reflect how you are processing your environment.

I believe it is important to mention that all of your challenges happen for you, all of them. This is the journey that your soul wanted and needed to experience growth and expansion. Your soul is hugely courageous and chose experiences that would provide an opportunity for it to elevate in this incarnation. This is what your soul needed for expansion. By healing from the pain, you experience soul growth and you elevate in consciousness. You understand that it never happened to you, but for you.

With time, authentic healing (i.e. forgiveness, self-love, compassion for self/others) and inner transformation, you shift in your awareness and your thoughts, words, and actions also rise in vibration. No matter what you are going through or have gone through, your soul can overcome it all. You must know this.

You are stronger than you think. When you experience any traumatic event in your life, it is important to allow what has happened to surface so that it can be healed. Very often, when one faces painful emotions such as guilt, shame, deep sadness, or anger, it is part of being human to suppress it so that life can continue. Wanting to bypass the pain is part of the human condition. It allows us to go on, leave the past behind us, as though it never happened.

But to truly heal, it is important to first acknowledge the emotion. Allow it to come up and discover what it is here to teach you. Your emotions are great teachers. They show you what is going on in your mind (the quality of your thoughts), how it is processing the world, and what needs to be healed so that you can live a life of joy and prosperity. This is what Source, God, Our Creator, Spirit, or the Universe wants to give you (however you choose to refer to the Creative Energy that organizes all of life).

You were created to live as your true, authentic self. In other words, as you continue to incarnate, you move closer and closer to love. Specifically for self-love and for the love of others. Remember, to be able to love another, you must first love yourself. And to truly love yourself, you must heal from wounds of your past. When you do authentically transform from the inside out, your way of being (thoughts, words, actions) align with the higher frequency of the Universe.

Your soul may have chosen a lesson in: forgiveness, acceptance, or self-love and your job is to accept this as an opportunity for transformation. When you choose to see your soul challenge in this light, you are choosing the path of healing, you are embracing the light that is within your soul. This is how you overcome. You transcend all by choosing to go towards the light. This is how you heal, grow and transform. And when you do you become a powerful creator of your dream.

When you make a conscious commitment to change your thoughts, your perception of all that has happened on your journey, and want to work in alignment with Source to co-create a reality that supports your dream, then you will energetically align with the gift of abundance and prosperity. This is how you recover. This is how you thrive after deep pain, sorrow, and heartbreak.

You are powerfully created to manifest all that you desire through your thoughts. When your thoughts and emotions are balanced, you experience inner peace and harmony. And in vibrating at this higher resonance, you begin to attract all of your goals, wants, and dreams. You must come into energetic alignment with the reality you want to create. But to do this, you must change your thoughts.

Meditation is a powerful way to clear out the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds all memories, beliefs, or patterns that you are not consciously aware of. Your mind has three aspects to it: the positive mind, the neutral mind, and the negative mind. The positive mind is the mind that is supportive and feeds you positive feedback on the experiences, people, and situations in your life. The negative mind, although is here to protect you, when unbalanced can work against you.

When you are too much in your negative mind, you may have a pattern of overthinking things, believe the worst case scenario, or expect the worst of others. These are all subconscious ways of seeing the world. The neutral mind, on the other hand, plays judge to the negative mind and positive mind. For example, if the negative mind were to believe that you are to blame for the demise of your relationship, the neutral mind will recall the times during your relationship that proves that belief incorrect and helps you to realign with your positive mind. Overall, a balance of all three aspects of the mind is necessary to have healthy, positive thoughts and experiences that create happiness and joy in your life.

Mantras are also very helpful, potent tools in cutting negative, unhealthy thoughts from flooding the conscious mind. Mantras are words that are repeated either out loud or quietly and help to direct the mind. Emotions such as: happiness, joy, sorrow or regret are all lower vibrational energetic frequencies. Mantras help to uplift your mind and simultaneously elevate your vibration. There is a scientific power embedded in mantras as sound vibrations affect the mind, body, and spirit.

After witnessing the traumatic incident at my father’s bedside, the trauma continued to play over and over in my mind. I was stuck in fight or flight, as my autonomic nervous system was unbalanced. Every hour of each waking day, I would easily get triggered by loud noises, any change in my life, or anything related to blood or sickness. I thought it would never end. I secretly wondered whether I would ever recover.

I used all the tools I had as a therapist to heal myself. But the horrific images in my head continued on. Mantras helped cut the repetitive thoughts from flooding my conscious mind as the trauma was lodged in my subconscious mind. And mantras helped end the nonstop loop of images, that appeared to have a life of their own in my mind. Mantras are used in Kundalini yoga. They elevate and change your consciousness through their meaningful words and rhythmic repetition.

Another way to quickly change your thoughts from negative to positive is by using positive affirmations. You can do this by switching one negative thought for three positive thoughts. If you were to think think: “I am not talented at anything,” quickly switch that thought to: “I am intelligent, I am capable, and I have a purpose in this life.” Words have power and they too are made of energy. You want to give energy only to the things you desire in your life. Continue to fill your mind, body and spirit with only positive, uplifting words, thoughts, and beliefs.

Surrounding yourself with positive people who have your best interest at heart, is another key piece to co-creating the life you want. So, your circle too must be on this energetic frequency. If you are surrounded by people who give you equal love and energy in return for your own, then this will help you to continue vibrating at a higher resonance. By doing this, you will begin to attract all opportunities, situations and people that serve your highest good.

You may have family, friends and co-workers who drain you energetically. Their poor life choices, toxicity, or drama may lead you to question the space you have made for them in your life. The choice is ultimately yours whether to limit the energy you give to them or eliminate the relationship from your life, for your own wellbeing. If you need help in eliminating toxic people from your life, you can call on Archangel Michael to help you with this.

To manifest a positive reality, you must think, act, and be positive in every aspect of your life. When your life is balanced and there is peace and harmony within, you are then working in alignment with Divine energies. Your manifestation powers are at a high when your mind, body, and spirit are in homeostasis. As you begin to say yes to life, let go of all that does not serve your highest good and surrender to all that is, you have the power to co-create a reality that is in alignment with the will of the Creator – and all of the Universe. You are loved, cherished, guided and supported in all you want and deserve.

It’s time to create your dream! Keep your vibes high!

Sat Nam.

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