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All that surrounds you is energy. As a spiritual being, you too are made of energy. You were created with this shell that is your human body. And by keeping your energetic vibration at a higher frequency, you thrive.

The music, movies, conversations, the people you choose to be in your company, all impact your thoughts, emotions, behavior – and your vibrational frequency.

When you commit to caring for yourself on a deeper level, you might choose to eliminate certain people, things, environments, or situations from your life.

Heartbreak, life challenges, deep pain, trauma and loss all have an effect on your wellbeing. Your soul arrived on the planet to overcome these challenges, to grow, to expand, to transform.

Nothing is random, it all happens for you so you can rise above it. Every person, situation, event, misjudgment or hurt that knocked you off your center, happened so your soul could move beyond the pain, heal it, make peace with it, all for soul growth.

Being a survivor of abuse, divorce, a major life crisis, hardship or great loss of any kind, your mental, physical and emotional health must become your main priority. Your healing is what will help to recover your sense of self, your self love, your self-respect and the remembrance of who you are at the core, a divine being.

With self-care, you heal your heart, your spirit, your soul. Take time for you, to heal from within. This is an opportunity to uncover your true nature, your essence. It begins when you take charge of your personal health.

Devote time to your wellbeing on a regular basis. This means that your mind, your body, and your spirt are in alignment and are given the nutrients they need to function at an optimal level. And as a being, made of energy, your vibrational frequency needs care. Your energy level is what will draw all of your heart’s desires to you, through the fundamental law of the Universe, the Law of Attraction.

As you vibrate at a higher frequency, you align with all that is already manifested in the spiritual plane, for your highest good. As you increase your vibration, you powerfully draw to you, all that is in alignment with your soul, onto the earthly plane.

Through your self-care, you will find healing. With your commitment to heal, your energetic frequency increases and your deepest desires manifest, from the spiritual realm, into your physical reality. This is why your self-care is critical to your transformation.

As beings of energy, we are all interconnected, through strands of light, invisible to the naked eye. The negative energy of another person, can affect your own energy field. Using sage or ‘smudging,’ is a powerful way to rid yourself of any harmful, negative energy you might have soaked up from an individual or environment you were exposed to.

By making sage-ing a part of your regular/daily energy hygiene, you keep your aura free from any negativity that you absorb during the day.

To sage: begin by moving the bundle of sage around your aura to transmute the energy, starting from one foot, up along the side of your body, over your head and down toward the other foot, repeating for three to four times in the opposite direction, and back.

While doing this, set an intention, such as “all negative energy is transmuted into positive energy.” Say this aloud as you transform the negative energy. It is a good idea to put this into practice as you enter your front door. Open windows and sliding glass doors to allow the energy to leave your home environment.

If you are hyper-sensitive to the energy of others, where your energy level, mood, thoughts, and feelings shift to match those in your presence, then you will want to make smudging a daily ritual in your self-care regimen.

Using healing crystals is another way to protect your energy field when you are out of your home environment. Stones such as black tourmaline, labradorite, tiger’s eye, smoky quartz or hematite are just a few powerful crystals that help clear negative energy.

You can keep them in a pouch in your purse, in your sports bra or in your pocket. These healing stones come from nature, the earth, it is a gift from the Universe, it is here for your health.

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet is another important piece to caring for your wellness. Start your morning off with a green smoothie. In your blender, place a handful of spinach, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Add a banana, a tablespoon of flax seeds, chia seeds – and fill with water. Blend and enjoy.

Choose healthy, nature-grown foods to feed your body and your soul. According to the late author and spiritual teacher, Louise Hay, “If it doesn’t come out of the ground, don’t eat it.” As often as you can, try to practice this way of life. You will feel the difference on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Although I believe it is an individual choice to change your eating lifestyle, (i.e.. to become vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan) I do recommend choosing healthy foods, which give your body the fuel it needs to sustain itself, as it increases your energy vibration. It is recommended to limit red meats. And when you do eat it, try to purchase the organic variety.

Any trauma, crisis, or major life challenge can change how your body processes food, making you more sensitive to specific foods, which did not affect you before the event.

Often, red meats that are grain fed (versus grass fed), exposed to antibiotics, pesticides and other harmful agents can affect your well-being (mental, physical, emotional) as well as your vibration. You might notice the effects the next day, with poor focus, brain fog, feeling sluggish, change in mood, etc.

What you choose to put into your body can serve to help or hinder your healing. Everything that you consume or ingest (i.e.. foods, alcohol, drugs, etc.) impacts your peaceful nature, your true essence.

Since food is energy, by choosing higher vibrational food options such as fruits, vegetables, naturally sourced, preservative-free, organically grown selections, will lead to healthier thoughts, emotions and behaviors. By committing to your healing, you will begin making choices that serve your highest good.

Increase your water intake, this is what your body needs, to stay hydrated, balanced, operating well, giving you the strength and the zeal, to greet each day as your best self.

Be compassionate with yourself on your journey when you have one of those rough days, the ones where every thought, word, or instinct is negative. Recently, I too had one of those days.

Be kind, patient, accepting of yourself, as you heal, expand, transcend all you have been through. Allow your soul to integrate what you are learning on your journey, this is how the soul grows.

Each day is a new day to rise, to elevate, to ascend. Your soul came here to do just that, to transcend, to spread your wings, to fly beyond the confines of your human body, past your suffering, your pain.

Your story is important. It has meaning, it is yours alone. But whatever that story may be, do not allow that narrative to limit you, keep you small, harnessed, ensnared in the restraints of its self-limiting details, how it changed your circumstances, the pain you endured. Your story will not end there.

A soul is here to overcome the heartache, the fear, the anxiety, the misery, the memories one would rather forget. You are here to experience life the way it was meant to be lived.

The spirit was created to fly free, to experience joy, happiness, peace, purpose, as a whole, complete, limitless being. This is who you are, your authentic self.

In making your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health a priority, you give yourself permission to embrace the beauty, the fullness, the true treasure that is found in a single breath, in each present moment. Prana, life force energy, is a gift. Committing to your self- care allows you to show up to life in a way where you feel filled-up, well-fed, limitless.

How long has it been since you have been to the water, the seaside? Take time to go to ocean, it is nature’s elixir for all troubles, worries, and cares. Allow the soothing, rhythmic sound, its ebb and flow, to transform any negative energies you might have absorbed from a toxic person, situation or setting. Go to the waters to release whatever it is you feel called to let go.

Mother Nature has gifted us with the valuable element of water. It heals all three aspects of the self: mind, body, and spirit. Take full advantage of its healing powers, benefit from this natural force.

Your intuition will guide you, helping you transmute any negative energy. Go kickboxing if you need to rid yourself of anger. Scream into your pillow or throw some punches while you are there, when your buttons get pressed – and frustration is high.

Take a time out if the kids are around, to get centered, to reset, to reconnect to your soul.

To connect to your soul, make time for meditation. Let the children know you need some time for yourself to meditate, for as little as five minutes and as long as fifteen minutes (or more, if time allows).

Go within, find what is real, what is yours. So much of our daily lives appears real, full of fear, full of suffering. But this is an illusion. Not in any way am I limiting your own lived experience.

I too was in the deepest space of fear for more than three years, confronting the end of a seventeen year marriage, the loss of my father to fourth stage laryngeal cancer – and was gripped by symptoms of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), all at once.

The level of fear I was in at the time, was new to me. It was overwhelming, surreal, as I faced anxiety, depression, panic attacks and PTSD symptoms at each moment of the day, everyday, for years. I thought I would never feel like myself ever again. It was a long road to recovery, to healing, to feeling safe, whole, complete, fulfilled, lovable, loved. I chose to make my self-care a top priority from day one. This is how you rise.

I stayed committed to regular exercise, ate a healthy diet, consisting of primarily fruits, vegetables, and fish (i.e.. salmon, cod, etc.). The moments I turned to unhealthy foods, (i.e.. chips, other empty caloric snacks) out of anxiety I felt about my life, fear of the unknown, and the sudden life changes I was dealing with, my angels would send me messages, (angel numbers) guiding me to begin healthier eating habits, to successfully achieve the goals I had set for myself.

Know that the fear you feel, the suffering you went through, although it was hurtful on a mental, emotional, and physical level, remember that your soul asked for this experience, while in spirit form, so it could grow from the challenge – and this how you transform.

In your soul body, you knew that experiencing suffering, while in your physical form, was the only true way to conquer the fear. And your task now is to discover not only what is real, but what is divinely yours.

In caring for yourself, your talents, gifts, your soul mission, abundance in all its forms are revealed to you, when you align with the truth, that this is all happening for you, not to you. You discover the existential truth to your being here – and how it relates to your life’s story.

At the end of an abusive, unbalanced, toxic relationship, your self-care is what will help to align you with Universal energies, powerfully attracting to you what is yours, your divine birthright (i.e.. career, soul mission, love relationship, joy, happiness). It is a critical piece to your inner transformation.

It is the difference between surviving and thriving. I was where you are today, licking my wounds after mental, emotional, and physical abuse. It might not feel like it, but you are exactly where you are supposed to be, at this very moment.

Those in your story, the ones who have brought you pain, you decided along with them that this is the experience your soul needed for your growth, your elevation, your expansion.

Before getting into another relationship, first tend to yourself, the wounding on the inside (mental, emotional, spiritual) demands your attention.

Your commitment to your wellness, your healing, will with time, patience and belief in the process, bring you into energetic balance with all of your heart’s desires. You deserve it!

Now is the time for you to return to yourself, to rediscover who you are, to remember your truest self, as a soul. You must learn to love who you are, all over again, especially when you gave your power away, were robbed of your self-respect, your self-worth, your purpose in this life, your joy, your happiness, your heart.

Your heart is your power source. It connects you to the spirit realm. It now needs to heal. Caring for your heart, your soul, your spirit, will help you regain your sense of self, your power, your strength, of mind, body – and spirit.

Your healing will not happen overnight, be patient, be kind, treat yourself with tenderness, consideration – and love. Honor your body, listen to what it is calling for.

If it is rest that it craves, alter your sleep schedule, make changes in your sleep hygiene. Get to bed earlier. Take a power nap during the day, if you are struggling to keep your vibration high. Remember you are made of energy, respect your sensitivities.

If you have trouble winding down at night, incorporate meditation into your bedtime routine. Meditation is a great tool to help with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, focus, relationships, sleep and more.

It is through meditation, you connect to your soul, tapping into your higher self and the entire Universe that supports you. Going within, you discover the truth of your divinity, your worthiness.

Your soul is made of pure, white light, connected to the Creator – and the spirit world. It might feel as though you are alone in this, but you are not at the helm of your vessel, on your own, braving these stormy waters singlehandedly. You are always being carried.

Ask your guides for help when you need (angels, spirit guides, ascended masters), they are here to help you, for the will of the Creator. Your wellness, your happiness, your sense of fulfillment, is what they aim to help you secure.

When your vibration is high, this sends waves of positive energy out into the atmosphere, affecting those around you – and the planet. When you vibe high, the planet vibrates at a higher frequency. It is all part of the plan.

To help increase your energy vibration, engage in left nostril breathing. In kundalini yoga, this pattern of breath activates your parasympathetic nervous system, calming your sympathetic nervous system. It is a helpful tool, it brings peace to your entire being.

Begin by getting into a seated position, with your back upright (i.e. against your bed’s headboard, sofa, chair) a cross-legged position, or standing exactly where you are. Close your eyes, bringing your gaze to your third eye (brow point).

Take your right hand, block your right nostril with your thumb, as your other fingers point upward. Take a long, deep, cleansing breath, filling your lungs up completely on the inhale. With your right thumb still pressed to your right nostril, exhale completely through your left nostril, fully emptying your lungs. Continue this breathing pattern for three minutes.

Practice yoga or go for a cardio boost, thirty minute run outside or on the treadmill at the gym. Moving your body increases your vibration.

Your children, family, friends, neighbors, all you associate with, feel your elevated vibration. And your higher frequency creates a rippling effect to those around you and the entire Universe, when you take good, loving care of all three aspects of the self – the mind, the body, and the spirit.

You are here to experience what it means to be human, this is why you were given this physical body. But, your transcendence, your ability to prevail, to rise up out of the ashes, like the great phoenix can only become your new scripted narrative when you commit to your self-care on a regular basis.

Speak to yourself with loving kindness. Use positive self-affirming statements or affirmations. These help to switch your negative thoughts to align with your true self, your soul. Affirmations such as : “I choose to make myself a priority,” “I love myself, I trust myself, I am a Divine being,” “I am beautiful, inside and out,” “I am brave, I am strong,” “I am the master of my mind, not the other way around,” “This too shall pass.”

Repeating these affirmations before bed and after you rise in the morning will help to reset your mind, uplift your spirits, raise your vibration.

Any energy that you project outward is reflected back to you. For this reason, you want your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions to come from a space of love. Love for self, love for others.

And remember, energy goes where energy flows. Your thoughts create your lived reality. If you give enough attention to what you do not want in life, this is exactly what the Universe will dutifully hand to you. The Universe is here to give you all that you want in life. So, all that you put out into the Universe, should come from a positive, healthy, loving place.

Love yourself above all, with every ounce of your being. This journey is not an easy one, but this is why you returned to the planet. Your soul asked for this very experience. Remember that whenever you get triggered.

Eventually you will begin to look at yourself, your story, those involved in your narrative, with compassion, acceptance, from a higher, elevated perspective. This is how you know you have healed, you begin to view all that has happened in your life with a greater level of consciousness, with the highest vibration there is, love.

When you take time to care for your soul, you are nourished, sustained, purified, healed. Eat well, live well and stay focused on what you do want to create in your life. This is your dream, create with great care. Now is the time, take your life into your own hands – and rise.

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