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Why is your happiness and contentment in life tied to knowing and living out your purpose or  soul mission? Here's why. Before our souls incarnate, we decide with Our Creator who our parents, spouse, and children will be. We also decide who what lessons we will learn in this lifetime and those who will be there on the journey to challenge us. Our lessons may include forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, or self love.


Many of us are empaths - natural born givers. It is a gift, a superpowere that helps us to connect with others on a deeper, more meaningul and soulful level. It helps us to understand and have empathy for others and their experiences. Very often, this innate gift leads empaths in the direction of helping professions.


I discovered  on my journey that I was an empath and was always drawn toward the helping professions. I completed my undergraduate education in Psychology and my graduate degree in Counseling. For a number of years, I practiced as a psychotherapist and devoted much of my time to individual therapy, career counseling and teaching psychology at the college level.


Although I was being of service in all of these career paths, there was a period of time before my marriage ended where I felt apathetic about my work. I understood that we must feel passionate about the work we do and that this passion, is the key for success and happiness we experience in life. When we are not living in alignment with our soul mission, we feel restless, unhappy, and discontented with our current life.


At the time, it was difficult for me to pinpoint exactly why I felt this way about the work that I did. Afterall, I was impacting the lives of others and making a difference in the world through the path of counseling and teaching. But there was a small voice in the recesses of my mind that I was unable to silence and there was an unrelenting feeling that there was something else I needed to do and I hadn't quite hit the nail on the head.


When my marriage came to a close after seventeen years, I went in search of that "something else." Where I had once believed that my life was unravelling before me, I now understand that the storm 'happened for me' to make way for what lay ahead. Sometimes we need to go through a storm to come face to face with our true selves, to rely on our own inner strength and resolve to see us through, to know our personal truths or what we stand for, and to then be redirected onto the path that was paved for us.


Our soul is connected to Our Creator, Spirit, or Source and our soul mission was given to us before our inception. After incarnation, we faced certain challenges of our own choosing in childhood, our teenage years, or adulthood, that would serve to guide us in the direction of our soul mission.We are co-creators with the Universe and begin to feel fulfilled as we live a purpose-filled life that is in alignment with the light of our soul. As long familiar doors in my life began to close in a way that made my return to them improbable, I slowly began to understand and accept that the loss in my life happened for me, not to me.


Life gets incredibly hectic and when it does, we often miss the still, small voice of our soul, nudging and guiding us along on our journey. When our intuition, our gut, or internal guidance system whispers to us, a still mind and inner peace will make hearing and interpreting the messages that much easier. So, how can we better hear the whispers of our souls?


During the period of the separation, I began to meditate out of dire need. You see, I was experiencing two significant losses at once. I was facing the loss of my seventeen year marriage and the los of my father, to fourth stage laryngeal cancer. I was faced with intense anxiety, bouts of depression, and panic attacks and sleep was severely limited. I began my daily meditative practice three years ago and have not stopped since. I begin with prayer and follow it up with meditation. It helps me to show up as a better human in all of my roles - as a mom, daughter, friend, and for my own wellbeing. Meditation helps us on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.


When we meditate, we tap into our soul, our higher self, or our intuition. Our soul is created of pure white light. When we connect with the light of our soul, we receive the guidance, the wisdom, and the direction we need to make choices in our lives that will place us on the life path designed for us. By meditating, I opened myself up to the guidance, support, signs and synchronicities from the Universe that helped to lead me in the direction of my soul mission.


For a long time, I felt as though I was falling into an abyss and was headed into the great unknown. Signs from the Universe are everywhere and if we are moving from one activity to the next, meeting itineraries and social commitments without time for silence, reflection, and inner stillness, we may miss them.When we live in alignment with our authentic self and soul mission, we experience the happiness, fulfillment, and abundance that is here for us all.


I encourage you to start your meditation practice today. Keep a journal by your side as you connect to your soul, your higher self, and your sprit guides or angels. As you meditate and connect, ask for signs for anything you may be wanting to get guidance on. Words, courses of action, and/or symbols may come to your awareness. This is how our guides on the other side communicate with us. You may also feel energy surging through your extremeties (ie. hands, arms, shoulders, legs, feet). Journal about your experiences, noting what you see, feel, or hear (ie.clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience). We all have the ability to receive messages and through consistent practice, this skill of "using your clairs" will gain in strength.


Let your guides know you are looking for guidance and want help with finding your life path or soul mission. Because of free will, you must ask for their help otherwise they will not intervene. When you live aligned to who you are at a soul level, you begin to attract blessings in abundance. Alghough the road may seem rough, this is what your soul signed up - and know that the Universe is cheering you on as you head toward the finish line.


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