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This blog touches on healing wounds of the past. It speaks to the importance of inner healing, not only on a personal level but also on a collective level. Through my own personal healing journey, I discovered that healing is a choice. I say this because I have come across many who choose to go within, do the inner work, heal what needs to be healed – and benefit from it. I also know a great number of those who prefer not to go on the inside for their own personal reasons.

And although there is no judgment in this, they choose to suppress the pain of the past and inevitably suffer in silence. And without realizing it, their thoughts, words and actions affect the course of their lives and the lives of those around them.

I believe it is important to mention that everything is energy. Since you are a spiritual being, having this human experience, you too are made of energy. And all that you think, speak, and do sends out invisible waves of energy out into the atmosphere. When there is pain that lingers from difficult life circumstances, it is important to acknowledge it and take the necessary steps to heal it.

I believe that your soul and the soul of each being on the planet signed up for the challenges that it goes through. Every soul returns to learn lessons in each soul incarnation: self-love, compassion, forgiveness, or patience are examples of lessons souls must return to master. These may be some of the lessons you too have come back to learn.

Whatever the lessons your soul needs to grow and expand, there are life altering events such as: divorce, heartbreak, or abuse that happen for you, so that soul expansion and elevation can take place. Those in your life who you believe have caused you pain, also contracted (via a soul contract) into this journey with you, so that you could elevate through healing.

I too experienced debilitating fear, anger, despair, rage, heartbreak, and trauma. I was in a space of suffering for much longer than I care to recall. And dare I say that suffering is but an illusion. For, what you encounter on your path is happening or has taken place to lead to soul expansion. All of it happens for you, not to you.

I eventually realized that the longer I stayed in this place of suffering, the more I delayed my recovery and healing. Added to that, my angels were sending me numerous messages a day, letting me know of the importance of changing the quality and content of my thoughts, to create the reality that I wanted.

I would take two steps forward, then two steps back in my healing. During this time, I was facing two significant losses: the loss of my father to cancer and the end of a long term marriage. I also had experienced trauma in my childhood, which had re-surfaced (in order to be healed) when I faced another traumatic incident at this critical period of my life. I chose to walk down the path to healing. It really is a choice.

There is no judgment in your decision to heal on a soul level. Because it is exactly that. True, authentic healing happens soul deep. When you choose to go within, you not only heal the pain in this current lifetime, but you have an opportunity to heal the pain from lifetimes before. Why is it important to heal pain from lifetimes of soul incarnations? Because certain habits, patterns, or limitations from your past life have the potential to block you from experiencing abundance and prosperity in this lifetime.

For example, perhaps in your past lifetimes you needed to learn to make yourself a priority, and again in this lifetime you are facing relationships where your self-love is being challenged. Your choosing to walk away from what no longer serves you and grows you or knowing your self-worth is what needs healing. The reason a person energetically attracts a narcissist or toxic person into their reality is because there is something within that person that needs to be healed, either from past lifetimes or this one, possibly both.

When you master and heal one of the most fundamental life lessons, which is to love yourself, this then increases the level at which you vibrate, and places you at a higher energetic frequency. Because of this, you no longer attract this lower vibrational energy (i.e.. narcissists, toxic people, unhealthy people/situations) toward you.

By healing, the Universe no longer needs to send you people, situations or experiences to help you learn the lessons you incarnated to grow from. When you heal on the inside, your vibration increases and you begin to attract what you want and deserve – healthy, harmonious and peaceful experiences, friendships, and love relationships where there is a balanced exchange of energy.

It is important to note, however that it is not necessary to delve into your past lives, unless you believe it could be blocking you in some way in this current lifetime. Healing this and other lifetimes, opens you up to blessings in abundance that the Universe is just waiting to shower upon you.

Your life experiences, whether you perceive them as positive or negative, all have an effect on your life. They affect your perception of the world, your way of being and your inner/outer language. You are shaped by the people, situations, and environments you were exposed to from the moment you came into being. Often, when a moment on your life journey proves too much to bear, the self represses the said experience in order to move forward.

This information then gets stored in the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind, is then able to rest, recuperate, and focus on the present. However, since the event is stored in the subconscious mind, the pain remains out of sight but surfaces unconsciously through your thoughts, words, and actions. Your relationship with yourself and others will likely be challenged by this unhealed piece of your journey.

You were created as a whole and complete being. But when a traumatic life experience becomes part of your childhood narrative, you encounter fragmentation of your inner child. In your adult life, this may manifest as feelings of neglect, abandonment, guilt, or trust issues. This may block you from attracting healthy friendships, love relationships, or from loving yourself without conditions.

When you elect to go within to heal, you are liberated. You free yourself from the chains that hold you in bondage and can move forward in your life as the creative, joyful expression of light and love you were created to be. Your healing journey allows you to elevate on an energetic level, inviting abundance in all its forms into your life. And because love is the ultimate in abundance, you usher in love by releasing yourself from your past. By releasing the pain, your vibration increases and you begin to attract all of your heart’s desires.

Authentic healing occurs when you have reached a point of neutrality with your life challenge(s) and all you have experienced. When you are no longer triggered by what was, can honor your experience and all those who played a part in your script, then you have experienced true inner healing. In no way am I trivializing your experience by referring to it as a script. But that is indeed what it is.

You, those in your story, and the challenges you faced were all decided upon and contracted into by all involved. When you can have compassion, forgiveness (for yourself and those who you believe hurt you), and can view your story from a higher perspective, it is then that you have experienced authentic healing and transformation.

You are connected to all around you through invisible strands of energy. Because of this, your thoughts, actions, and words impact those around you – and the planet energetically. When you go within to heal the pain you have experienced, your elevation in vibration has the power to uplift the vibration of those around you and the planet as a whole. Inner healing takes courage, commitment, and a desire to elevate for the betterment of not only the self, but for the sake of all of humanity.

When you heal, we all heal.

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