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I felt called to write this blog today. The feeling of not being enough is something many of us have come to believe about ourselves far too often. “When I have that degree, the dream job, that relationship, get pregnant, get married, lose weight,” and the list goes on. Know that this is part of the human condition. As social beings, we tend to look outside to external sources and believe that is where happiness will be found. Happiness, however starts on the inside.

As a soul, it is important to remember who you are as a divine being of light and love. When you incarnate onto the planet, you forget your divinity. Although you may not remember, you signed up for the journey of life which would bring you the challenges your soul needed and wanted to grow, expand and to recall your true essence.

The self is a combination of several aspects. Who you are is a reflection of your upbringing, unique traits, experiences, the messages you receive, and the messages you tell yourself. And sometimes, while on your journey, because of difficult experiences or trials you encounter, negative messages you get from your external world, and self-limiting thoughts you have about the self – such as “Am I good enough?”, “Am I a good mom, lover, friend, wife or person?” you may end up straying away from self-love.

When you return to love of self, you remember you are enough. You recognize your worth. But retuning to fully embracing your divinity on a soul level requires your courage and commitment to go within and to heal those aspects of the self that lead to self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. How do you do this?

When you incarnated – you returned to the planet, embracing love of self. So, let’s take a closer look at some tools you can use to help you rediscover your true self, loving who you are without conditions.

Self-affirmations are a powerful way to switch the limiting self-beliefs to positive affirming statements such as “I am strong,” “I am confident,” “I am brave,” and “I am beautiful on the inside and out.” It is important to affirm these qualities that you have inside you because it changes the way you see yourself, your relationship with yourself, and this then changes your relationship with your external world and how you show up everyday.

Your internal and external landscapes must be in agreement. By changing your inner landscape (negative thoughts about self/others, self-limiting belief system, negative self talk), your outer reality (better relationship with self/others) then changes. When you improve your internal reality, you experience a profound shift in all areas of your life.

And with time, by being kind and compassionate with yourself, using these statements of love, come to a space where you fully embrace the meaning behind the words and integrate them into your being. Repeat these affirmations when you wake up in the morning and just before you go to bed. It is helpful to write these affirmations on sticky notes and post them on the mirror in your bathroom. That way, they will be the first thing you see when you wake up to a new day and the last thing you say to yourself before getting some sleep.

You can also repeat them mentally throughout the day so that they become ingrained into your psyche. Sending yourself positive, uplifting messages helps to change the connections in your brain. Through self-affirming statements and positive self-talk, you condition your mind so that it works for you, not against you.

Another helpful way to demonstrate love for yourself is through self-care. Self-care is any activity or anything that enhances or improves your mind-body-spirit connection. It can include getting outside barefoot in the sun to get grounded, reading your favorite book, yoga, meditation, or a healing salt bath. Added to that is healthy, clean eating and limiting your intake of alcohol. When you overindulge in alcohol, you numb your awareness, escaping your current reality because you may feel it is too painful to face.

You may experience spiritual awakening. For the sake of brevity, I will speak only of signs and messages you receive during a spiritual awakening. But the process of awakening is a profound experience that opens you up, clears out all emotional, spiritual, and mental baggage you have been carrying around for years, and brings you into alignment with who you are as a divine being.

You may witness synchronicities and inexplicable supernatural happenings. This is how the Universe guides you. This guidance may come in the form of repeating numbers (angel numbers). These repeating numbers (111, 333, 1212, 404) have messages behind them. Angels also leave feathers behind to symbolize their presence. If you want to know that your angels are close, simply ask them to show you a feather.

When you ask for this sign, be specific in the color of feather you request (ie. red, white, gray). But do make sure you are outside (i.e. at the park, taking the dog for a walk, running errands) and not in your house so that they can bring you the feather you have asked for. Angels have also been known to send messages regarding intake of substances or poor food choices. They are able to see the possible paths ahead for your life. They may let you know that if you want to achieve your goals and dreams in this lifetime, you may need to change any habits that could hurt your success, changing the course of your life.

Your connection with your spirit team is helpful in making choices that promote self-love. Your spirt team is comprised of angels, sprit guides, ascended masters, departed loved ones, and ancestors. If you want their guidance and support, you simply need to ask. They will not intervene unless you ask for help because of free will. This can be done mentally, verbally requesting help from the Universe, or through prayer.

Angels are made of energy. Humans too are comprised of energy. Angels, however vibrate on a much higher energetic frequency than humans. They are the messengers for Source, God, Our Creator. They want what is best for you. But, remember it is always up to you. You can choose to continue on the same path and you will not be judged for that decision. There never is any judgment in any action or thought you have. You have come here as a soul, to grow and expand. Any lesson you have come here to learn (possibly a lesson in self-love, forgiveness, acceptance) can either be learned in this lifetime or in another. It is always your choice.

Just know you are never alone. With time, you will come to rely on the help of your spirit team on your journey. You can ask them for strength, hope, inner peace, trust in their presence, or anything else you need. If you want your angels to intervene by removing people from your life that do not serve or grow you, they will help you with this. When you align yourself with those who are a positive influence on your life, this helps you on your own journey toward self-love and self-acceptance.

Self-care is a significant part of self-love because the way you feel about yourself depends on how you care for your mind-body-spirit connection. Make yourself a priority by honoring who you are and your sacred presence in this world. When you feel good on the inside and outside, you are affirming your self-worth and love of self. You recognize that you matter. You know that taking care of you is important because you are worth it. You realize it is worth your time to care for your needs. When you feel inner peace, those around you feel the shift in your vibration. From this elevation in your frequency, you show up as a better mom, lover, friend, and human.

Another way you affirm your love for yourself is by taking back your personal power. So what does that mean? When you choose to take back your power, you let others know that your wants and needs are important and worthy of being recognized. Again, you are affirming your sense of self-worth and self-love by standing up for yourself and your importance in this world. In reclaiming your power, you find your voice, by speaking your truth. You no longer bite your tongue, mince your words, or hold back from letting others know what your needs are.

When you choose to take back your power by speaking your truth, it is an act of self-love and you show the Universe, yourself, and those around you that you know your worth. And because you have a piece of the Creator inside of you – you are a limitless being with unlimited potential.

Finally, you show love for yourself by setting healthy limits in your relationships. When you have boundaries up in your relationships, you are again showing yourself and others that you are worthy – and you know your worth. You are not easily taken advantage of because others realize any attempt to overstep your boundaries will be met with consequences.

It is okay to set some ground rules with the adults in your life, just as you do with your children. If boundaries are overstepped by a friend, co-worker, boyfriend, or sister it is not acceptable. You can let them know what this means for your relationship. It is helpful to indicate that if your limits are not respected then it will affect the relationship and you will be seeing less of them in the future. By doing this, others begin to respect you, your personal space, and your courage for not backing down.

When you go through difficult times in life, experience pain, heartbreak and uncertainty, you naturally want that hurt and pain to go away. But neither that person, house, title, dream job, or any other desire you may have within your heart will fulfill you if you do not love and accept yourself, just as you are. At your core, you are a soul, connected to Source. This is what makes you divine.

When you come to that space of awareness where you realize that you are all that you need, then the things that you want in life will manifest.This is when life gets easier. Studies show that the relationships that last are the ones where both people were happy before the relationship started. You cannot expect a person or thing to make you happy. No one else is responsible for your happiness but you.

The Universe wants to bring you all the things that your heart desires but for those things to manifest into your reality, it is first important to remember that by virtue of your true, authentic nature as a divine being, you need nothing more than you. When you surrender to the flow of life, enjoy the fullness of your existence in each present moment, and recognize yourself, loved ones, and life as a gift, this is when you begin to attract your heart’s desires into your reality.

When you know your divinity, you vibrate at a higher energy level. In knowing you are all you need, you vibrate at a higher frequency and begin to draw to you all that you want. By showing the Universe you are in alignment with your true self and that you love yourself without conditions, the Universe responds by opening doors for the people, situations, and opportunities that are meant for you. As these doors open, you receive abundance in all its forms – in love health, happiness, and finances.

When you embrace the light inside you, you align with the Creator and all of the Universe. All of life’s abundance begins with love of self. You are love. You are light. You are enough. You are all you need.

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