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In this blog, I will share ways in which the spirit realm communicates with you, in the form of ideas, signs and messages. Beings of light and love, such as angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters help you on your journey toward soul expansion. Angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters all work for the will of the Divine. I will also tell you how you can access their help in your daily life.

I recall the day, three years ago when I was first told that I could speak to my angels and ask them for any help I needed. At first, I was confused, skeptical, and wondered how that could possibly be. Although I was raised in a Catholic home and the belief system does involve angels, you are not taught to communicate with them or that they surround you, can hear your thoughts, prayers, and needs through your energy vibrations. 

Angels are messengers of Source, Spirit, the Creator (however you choose to identify a Higher Power). Just like you, they are made of energy, although their energetic vibration or frequency far exceeds that of a human.They may appear to you in human form, with wings but that is so you will know who they are, as they understand this is how humans depict angels in books.

Angels take your prayers, requests, hopes, and desires to the Creator. They return with a yes, no, or not just yet in response to your needs and wants. Angels never walked the earth in human form and are not  departed loved ones. They do not have an ego. They are in the spirit realm, which is a plane closest to the earth and through your thoughts and words (which are both made of energy) know what your needs are. They are here to serve humankind for the will of the Creator. And since you have incarnated to experience and share joy, they want only to help you achieve this (i.e. success in love, career, finances, purpose, health, etc.).

Although angels know your hopes and desires from the energy of your thoughts or emotions, you can also summon divine support by simply calling out for their assistance with: “Angels, angels in the Angelic realm hear my prayer” and ask them for whatever you may need (i.e.inner peace, love, a sign of their presence, career guidance). Just as you are made of energy, your angels are too.

They, however vibrate at a much higher frequency than humans. Since thoughts and emotions are energy, they know what you are thinking or feeling. If your thoughts and emotions are more negative, they will send you a message (i.e.. angel number) to let you know that to create the life you want, you must switch your thoughts from negative to positive. 

When you want confirmation from your angels that they are close, you can ask for a specific sign such as a white feather and they will send you exactly the color feather you requested. Ask them for a  red feather and they will bring it to you. But, sitting on your living room sofa is not the ideal place to receive it. Get outdoors for some fresh air and your angels can give you the sign you have asked for. 

Angels also place certain ideas in your mind to help you improve your relationships and bring happiness to your life. If you are concerned about your life purpose, love relationship, or your finances, they will provide guidance, support, and objective feedback that helps you make choices that serve your highest good. The choice to start that relationship, take advantage of universal opportunities, or to change your career is really up to you but they coach you through life, helping you make choices that will bring you the joy and fulfillment that you want – and is your birthright.

If you choose not to follow their divine guidance, you will not be judged. Because of free will they will not intervene in your life unless you ask for help and you have the free will to decide what path to take in your life. They are simply here as messengers for the Creator and to serve humankind.

Spirit guides are advanced souls in the spirit world that were once in human form. They have been assigned to watch over you.They may choose to incarnate but do not need to return to earth for further soul growth. Spirit guides send messages to guide and support incarnated souls assigned to them. 

Ascended masters are the most advanced souls and do not need to return in human form to learn lessons (ie. forgiveness, self love, compassion, acceptance). They serve as guides for younger souls, who have returned to the planet to continue their soul growth and expansion.

When your spirit team sends you ideas, messages, or signs, you can show your gratitude for their help by saying “thank you.” Along with love, gratitude is the highest vibrating energy there is. When you show them you are grateful for their aid, they will continue to shower you with all that you need to be happy on your life path. 

The best way to tap into divine energies and universal guidance is through meditation. Meditation gives you a still, peaceful mind and brings you to a neutral space of awareness. Through this inner stillness and increased awareness, you become one with the Universe. When you are one with all that is, you are in the flow. Being in the flow opens you up to all that you need to guide you on your life path.

When you take time each day to meditate, you will benefit from the practice in countless ways, including access to clear divine guidance. Your spirit team is waiting in the wings for your call. And remember, you are loved, cherished, guided, and protected by a Universe that wants you to succeed.  Above all, know you are never in this alone.



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