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I  am writing this blog post at a defining moment of the twenty-first century. At the end of February, the United States was informed of the first outbreaks of coronavirus in Wuhan, China. By March, the United States and the world at large was on lockdown. These are unprecedented times. Added to a pandemic that has come with major loss of life, is the recent death of an African American man at the hands of a law enforcement official. It was not long before videos went viral via social media and the news. What viewers see is the officer Derek Chauvin, along with three other officers who mercilessly stood by as Chauvin apprehended, asphyxiated, and killed George Floyd.  At present, over twenty states throughout the United States are in a state of social unrest due to outrage over this tragedy. 

Although this is not a politically driven post, my intention is to highlight that our nation is at a point where fear is at its highest – in this century. We are facing two overwhelming challenges at once: a pandemic and the loss of another black life because of police brutality. Anger, rage, frustration, and despair are the leading emotions many are experiencing in the aftermath of the death of a man whose neck was under the knee of an officer who held him there for eight deadly minutes because of a fake check.

Not only was this a non-violent offense, but Floyd is heard begging for his neck to be released from the full body weight of the officer. George Floyd clearly tells the officer, “I can’t breathe.” The other three officers are seen in the background, witnessing the slow death of this man. Nearby witnesses are heard, pleading with the officer to remove his knee from Floyd’s neck. 

As I write this post, I am taking deep, conscious breaths, trying to stay grounded. I am trying not to cry, yet again, for George Floyd, his family, and for our planet. At this present moment, our planet is in a deep space of fear.

There are only two emotions that exist – LOVE and FEAR. Love encompasses emotions such as peace, joy, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. Love is the highest vibrational energy there is. Fear points to emotions that are lower vibrational energies, such as anger, hate, jealousy, lack of compassion or lack acceptance. 

At a time like this, it is “normal” to experience lower vibrational energies or emotions. Anger, frustration, and even hate is part of the human experience. It is important to allow yourself to feel the power of these energies as they flow through your energetic body. We are spiritual beings, having a human experience. So, know that you do not need to suppress uncomfortable emotions. Sit in your discomfort and allow yourself to be human. Allow for the ebb and flow of emotions that are part of your privilege of being in this human body. Your soul came here to experience these emotions that can only be experienced and overcome by being in human form.

You can find healthy ways of channeling these uncomfortable emotions such as: screaming at the top of your lungs into a pillow, kickboxing, going for a run, posting social media material to help create social change, or contacting your congresswomen/men to voice your concerns about police brutality and the need for social justice and change. 

Emotions give us information. They are a direct response to what is happening inside of you. The challenges, difficulties, and setbacks in life are part of the journey. But to create a reality that you want and love, your inner landscape (your thoughts/emotions) must be balanced in order for your outer landscape (your reality) to reflect that internal harmony.

Thoughts and emotions are made of energy. We are also created of energy. We are souls that are connected to Source, God, Spirit, the Universe or whatever name you choose to give this Creative Force. And through this connection, we are connected to each other through threads or bands of energy that are invisible to the eye. This interconnectedness, where energy is experienced from the collective is also known as one mind consciousness or collective unconscious.

When you experience fear-based emotions, you send out this lower vibrational frequency that is felt by the collective. Your thoughts and emotions travel through the ethers and has the power to affect the planet as a whole. The whole really is the sum of its parts. Because your soul is created of bright, white light or energy, and is connected to Source, you have the power to create a reality of love or fear. 

Now, just for a moment, think of the level of fear that we as a collective are experiencing with the pandemic alone. The vibrational level of consciousness of the planet is at a low frequency. When we vibrate at this lower frequency, we then attract this lower vibrating energy and reality. Now, we have just added the social injustice of George Floyd. 

The Universe wants to give you everything your heart desires. With focused attention, your thoughts and feelings can manifest your reality. The Law of Attraction is intended to benefit mankind. It is important to understand the power you have to build and to destroy. This powerful, creative ability is given to you through Source.  

Studies show, thoughts rewire the brain. As we think and perceive the world around us, the connections in our brain change. So, if we fill our lives with positivity, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness, we attract this reality to us. If, however, we fill our lives with vices, injustice, anger, and hate, this too becomes our lived reality. It really is a choice. Love or fear

There is no doubt that social change is what this country needs. But when you understand the power of the human mind – and the ability you have to create heaven on earth, your level of awareness is heightened. You then recognize the times when your thoughts or emotions are on the lower end of the energy spectrum and make a conscious choice to shift your thoughts from negative to positive. When you make that shift, you experience an upswing in your vibration and feel more hopeful and positive about your future.

When this happens on a collective level, it allows the planet to vibrate at a higher frequency. When the planet vibrates at a higher energy level, the lived reality is more pleasant. The planet is then in alignment with the highest vibrational energy there is – love. This is the reality that humans were created to experience. It never was fear. We have the power to change our reality.

As a collective, this rise in consciousness is what is needed to move from a place of fear to a space of love. It is a choice. Always choose love.

Much love,


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