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Life is full of ups, downs, ebbs and flows. Often you are at a peak and suddenly you are in a proverbial valley. What if I told you that all setbacks, challenges, heartbreaks and crises happen for you?

Well, they do. Your soul incarnates over and over with the intention for soul growth. Before you arrive on the planet, your soul decides what lessons you need to experience for soul expansion. With your Creator, you decide what those lessons will be and you choose your parents, siblings, significant other, lovers, children, friends and even those you consider your foes.

If you experienced separation/divorce/heartbreak, you chose your ex-husband/lover to accompany you on this journey for the sole purpose of learning a lesson(s) in that relationship. Your lesson may have been in self-love, where the relationship was unhappy, unfulfilling, and/or toxic – and this led to end of that chapter in your life.

Your lesson(s) may be in forgiveness, acceptance, or compassion. Each soul is here to learn these lessons. Every relationship you have, whether conflicted or harmonious, is here to teach you something. With each incarnation of the soul, comes the opportunity to move closer to love. If you soul is unable to elevate in consciousness and move toward love, you will have another opportunity to achieve soul expansion in the next incarnation. The purpose of life, is love.

It is no easy feat to look at it from this elevated perspective. It takes time for the hurt, pain, anger, resentment, and lack of forgiveness to subside. You must give yourself all the time you need. Be kind and compassionate with yourself as you heal. But when the dust clears and you take a step back to analyze the events, and to figure out what lessons this major life challenge is here to teach you – that is the moment that your life is radically altered. Your way of perceiving your world shifts, as you begin to understand that it did not happen to you, it happened for you.

Ask the Creator, Spirit, God, the Universe or who you consider to be the source of all that is and ask for peace, support, guidance and to be able to overcome the deep, difficult emotions you are feeling inside of yourself. Again, remember you are not alone in this. What you are going through should be honored. But understand, there is a greater reason for all of it. Your job is to understand what that reason is and the lessons you are here to learn from it all.

If you desire true inner peace, to forgive, to have compassion, and accept all that has happened in your life then have the courage to go within. When you go within, you never go without. To experience authentic healing, you must go inside yourself. You must be willing to take a long, hard look at yourself, the situation, and those who you perceive to have hurt you. With a higher awareness, you recognize that your challenges have all happened for soul growth.

Know that your emotions are real, justified, and worthy of recognition. You are a spiritual being, having a human experience. And going through the full gamut of emotions is simply part of the journey. It is very real, palpable and is not to be diminished. But, when you take the time to go inside to heal and forgive yourself and others, you will in time, honor the experience. When you honor the experience, you release all anger, resentment, and perceived hurts. You come to a point where you thank those who have challenged your soul. They played their roles masterfully. They did their part to help lead your soul forward, elevating your level of consciousness. It is what your soul has come here to do.

Your goal as a soul is to transcend the illusion of fear. Fear is all negative, lower vibrational energies – such as anger, resentment, hate, jealousy, lack of forgiveness and compassion. With authentic transformation, your soul transcends the illusion of fear. This elevates your soul to a higher level of vibrational consciousness. It brings your soul closer to the highest vibrational energy there is – love. When you transcend fear and choose love, your soul no longer continues to incarnate, to learn the hard lessons you have had to learn through prior incarnations and your current life.

If you have decided to do the inner work, which requires much courage, meditation is a powerful way to achieve the stillness of mind to be able to look at yourself, others, and your challenges with clarity, honesty, and elevated awareness. Meditation helps you to look at your life and all that has happened on your journey with from a higher perspective. With meditation, you achieve inner peace, a still mind – and rise in consciousness.

I began to meditate after my own separation, three years ago and have no foreseeable plans on ever stopping the practice. I walked away from an unhappy, unfulfilling, toxic relationship, after seventeen years of marriage. Would I want to return to that space in time? Absolutely not! It was, without question, the most challenging period of my life. But, today I understand that it all happened for me. I realize my chief lesson was self-love. I needed to love myself enough to walk away from something that no longer served me or grew me.

As a therapist myself, I insisted on therapy throughout the marriage. But, finally came to realize that I was alone in my efforts to improve the relationship. It was time to move on. There was anger, resentment, lack of forgiveness, and blame at the end. And understand that all of these heavy emotions were not solely directed at my then- husband. You see, I too was under attack from my own self-judgment, self-loathing, and self-annihilation.

I shared two incredible, sweet, loving children with my ex-husband. So, much of the guilt, blame, and shame came from within. I believed I broke up our home. It took me three years to heal from all of it. It was not an easy journey. But I now understand this is what my soul signed up for. I volunteered to experience all the challenges that came from lacking self-love during the marriage, not making myself a priority, and heartbreak. My ex agreed to help me to achieve this lesson by testing my self-worth, self-love, and resolve in many ways on the journey. I discovered my authentic self on this path. I tapped into inner strengths I never knew existed. My soul is at peace. I am living life on my terms.

When one door closes, the Universe then opens all doors meant for you. Those are the doors that lead to the abundance and prosperity that awaits us all. It is on the other side of FEAR that you discover who you are, the power that lies within, and your capacity to do great things in this life. You see, FEAR often keeps you rooted in a space where you do not belong. You may have left, be in, or want to leave a relationship that is unhealthy, unhappy, or abusive in some way. Your soul incarnated to learn to love every aspect of your being. When you love yourself, you want the best for yourself. When you want the best for yourself, and know your worth, your vision for your future gets much, much brighter.

Whatever you are going through or have been through, know that your soul never gets more than it can handle. Ask the Universe for guidance and to close the doors that keep your soul in bondage. The soul is meant to be free. Free your soul by taking the path toward authentic transformation, understanding your journey from an elevated perspective, and accepting all that is. Remember too, that the Universe is here to support and guide you. The Universe wants you to succeed.

Above all, all happens for you.

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